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Welcome to the website of Yunnan Yuntou Group! Today is:
    The China-Laos Railway is officially opened to traffic!
    At 16:45 on December 3rd, with the departure of the first China-Laos international freight train from Kunming Station, the China-Laos Railway was officially opened to traffic! Yunnan Provinc
    · Qilin District Government of Qujing City to YIG for Exchange2021-10-11
    · Mashangyou Technology Company to YIG for Exchange2021-10-12
    · YIG Held Safety and Environmental Protection Work Meeting2021-09-30
    · SASAC of Yunnan Provincial People’s Government ,YIG to Shenzhen Investment Holdings for Exchange2021-09-30
    Yunnan Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. ("YIG"), formerly Yunnan Provincial Development & Investment Co., Ltd., is a large wholly state-owned enterprise incorporated on September 5, 19 more+

    Cloud investment key industry system with "5 + 1" as the core

    "One road, one belt" business

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